Dear Locs: 5 Tips Before Starting Locs

Getting locs is such a life-changing experience so it’s easy for someone to consider growing them. However, there are a lot more to consider than just the metaphysical abilities associated with growing locs.


  1. Start locs for YOU- I’ve had people tell me that they’ve started locs for others, particularly husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. And while I feel how loving that is, make sure it’s something YOU want to do first and foremost. Don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing wrong with fulfilling your lover’s desires or doing something that will please them. But you have to consider the fact that you are altering your appearance and not making how you feel about them your first priority. If starting locs has been a plan for you for some time then that’s great. I would encourage those to think long enough before starting them for other people’s satisfaction. There is nothing worse than starting a loc journey you’re uncertain about growing long-term. Now, if your lover wants to grow locs with you, that’s something worth starting your locs for. Growing locs as a team is such a beautifully intimate experience and will definitely make the bond between you two stronger.
  2. Research what type/size locs you want– Research on the different types of locs you want. Do you want the standard, freeform, semi-freeform, or sisterlocs? Research and choose which style you resonate with.
  3. Find a Loctician to start your locs-If you want your locs to be perfect like you want them, DIY locs is not preferred. Instead, go to a loctician who is knowledgeable in parting/sectioning and can help you achieve the size locs you desire. She/he will also use the proper product, which is vital to the starter loc process.
  4. Start with your natural hair texture– Part of starting healthy locs is starting with all of your hair in its natural state. Now, I’m no loctician or loc guru, but I can tell you that starting with any amount of permed hair defeats the purpose of starting great-looking locs. You’ll be forming your locs with some weak hair strands and why would you put yourself through that? Wait for your new growth to grow out, go for the big chop, and start your loc journey from there.
  5. Enjoy the journey– Enjoy each day of each phase of your loc journey. Stay mindful of the patience it takes for your locs to grow. We all know that locs doesn’t grow overnight but we become impatient a few times momentarily throughout our journey. It happens to the best of us. Just remember that when our locs grow, we grow. That’s not an overnight process.