Dear Locs: How To Deal with Loc Envy

Do you ever go through a sea of emotions when you come across a loc’d woman/man whose locs are so gotdamn gorgeous, you begin to wonder if you’ll be that lucky yours will come out like theirs?

As much as we admire our favorite loc’d people, it’s a natural reaction to have some loc envy. Particularly those of us who are just starting our journeys.


There are three stages of loc envy

  1. Excited stage
  2. Impatient stage
  3. Envious stage

Excited stage- Although we can be excited about our locs during any moment of our loc journey, going through the excited stage reaches its highest peak when we start our loc journey. Our favorite loc’d people reminds us what we can look forward to when our buds mature into long flowing loc’d tresses.


Impatient stage– When we desire to have locs like our favorite loc’ers, when begin to feel like we need to “rush the process”. It’s when we feel like our locs are taking forever to grow and mature, not taking into consideration that our hair grows at its own pace. We have to be mindful that when we practice proper methods that aid in hair growth, we will eventually get where we want to be.


Envious Stage– Of course, the final stage is the obvious envious stage. Where no matter where we are on our loc journey, ours doesn’t look like the locs we admire. We question ourselves how we can get our locs to look as good as theirs. We also begin to wonder if starting locs were a good idea.


I think the one thing we can all agree on is that there is a great lesson in patience when starting our loc journey. As a loc’d woman in her 3rd year, I still look at pics from a year ago & is pleasantly surprised at the hangtime, because I swear my locs aren’t growing at all. It took a little while for me to realize that everyone’s journey is different. We have to start embracing our locs as is and its potential from the beginning. It’s okay to admire others but your journey should be celebrated first and foremost.


Be proud of the fact that you took the plunge and accepted your hair in its natural state. Your locs are beautiful regardless of where you are in your journey.

When you love your locs, you love yourself.