Dear Locs: How To Keep Your Locs Hydrated During The Winter Months

As we get ready for the months of sweaters, boots, and sipping on hot tea, we also need to prepare our locs with continued remedies for moisture. Locs are more susceptible to extreme dryness during the winter months because of the harsh cold weather. Please keep in mind that the suggestions you’re about to read are for mature locs. To keep your starter/baby locs hydrated, it’s best to use oils like olive or coconut daily &/or do a hot oil treatment. If you’re in the starter/baby locs stage, your hair isn’t fully loc’d yet. Therefore, any manipulation or deep conditioning regimen will unravel your locs.


Here are a few tips on how to keep your locs soft and hydrated even during the cold weather!


Drink lots of water– Our bodies are like plants. So, what happens to plants if we don’t water them often? The leaves/petals will become dry and brittle. It’s the same with our locs. Our hair grows from the skin which is the biggest organ the body has. We have to nourish the skin so it can do its job effectively. Drinking lots of water daily keep toxins away and hydrates the body from the inside out, making for hydrated locs.

Use a water spritz– Keep a water spritz with you so you can water your locs whenever it’s needed. Just like you keep chapstick and apply it daily during the winter months, you should do the same for your locs. You can get a bottle for $2.00 at your local beauty supply store, fill it up with water, olive oil or vitamin E oil, and an essential oil like lavender for an amazing scent. Rose water is great to use, as well.


Use Satin scarf or pillow when sleeping– A satin scarf keeps the moisture locked in your locs and helps keeps your locs away from the cotton pillowcase that can cause dryness. If you constantly wake up in the morning to find your scarf laying next to you, use a satin pillowcase.


Do Hot oil treatments– This applies to everyone at any stage. Doing a hot oil treatment at least once a month will give the hydration the boost it needs. This is great for starter locs, especially, because conditioning solutions with a creamy consistency will soften the locs to the point of unraveling.


An updo helps- Rocking your locs into a messy bun or pinning them up and away from your neck and shoulders can aid in protection from the cold weather. Not too tight where your scalp is being pulled, but pinned up comfortably and rocking a head wrap is not only cute but protective.