Dear Locs: To Those Who Has Combed Out Locs Or Plan To…

I feel compelled to share my thoughts with the loc’d community regarding recent actions against a popular Youtuber. On her channel, Natural Nirvana, the beautiful soul recently showed off her transformation from locs to loose natural. You can watch here.  Despite her transparency and her courage to depart from the loc’d community gracefully, there were some cruel commenters, some who were followers, that had to show their true colors.


As a proud member of the loc’d community, I am deeply disappointed in how my family behaves regarding this young lady’s decision. I am baffled as to how some of you guys believe chastising this lady for how she chooses to wear her own hair effects you to the point that you have to be mean. Let’s be honest with ourselves here….everybody in the loc’d community may not keep their locs forever. That’s to be expected. Are they worth the judgments and harsh criticism for ending their loc journey because of how we personally feel? Absolutely not!

Once we follow an influencer and their journey, I understand we develop a certain connection or even an emotional attachment because of a similar goal we share. Maybe this person inspired us to start our own loc journey and now that we’ve discovered they’ve ended theirs, we feel an immediate disconnection. However, that “emotional attachment” is unhealthy if we feel the need to speak negatively about a person who we personally don’t know. Instead of expressing gratitude for them publicly displaying their journey for as long as they have, we transfer negative emotions into words via a comment thread because we feel “betrayed”.

We have to do what we have to do to stay motivated about our loc journey but that doesn’t include being cruel to someone who’s ended theirs. If anything, posting negative comments shows what’s in your heart. I’m no psychologist, but I sense underlying personal issues if you have to verbally attack someone on social media because their hair no longer looks like yours.


Let’s be adults, people.


To those that choose to end the loc journey, you don’t deserve the negative reactions. If you’re a social media follower who feels negatively impacted by Nirvana’s choice, keep the negative shit to yourself. Nirvana ending her loc journey doesn’t negate the fact that her channel includes quality videos with tons of information on locs. She’s done her part for the loc’d community. Let’s focus on our own journey without judging others on theirs.

I want to personally encourage anyone who chooses to start locs or end locs that if that’s what you choose to do, do it! And guess what? Those who will support you, will! Others opinions on what you do with your body will never matter. We’ll never totally understand why people are urged to speak out against decisions you’ve made about your hair. But know this…you have a purpose in this thing called life. It’ll either include your locs or not include your locs. Nevertheless, you still have a journey you can take pride in.


Peace & Blessings!