Loc Journey Files: Chelsea’s Loc Journey

DL: How long have you been loc’d?

Chelsea: I’ve been loc’d a little over three years. I started my locs on May 5th of 2014.

DL: Why did you decide to loc your hair?

Chelsea: I was dating someone at the time that was loc’d and I really liked his hair. I loc’d mine and it looked nothing like his. LOL. But I love how they look now.

DL:  Do you have a favorite product you like to use on your hair?

Chelsea: Yes, Taliah Waajid Tight Hold Gel. It keeps my retwist on point.

DL: How has your loc journey been thus far?

Chelsea: Trial and error honestly…I’ve learned to just go with the flow. I haven’t been as consistent with my hair as I am now. I’m learning to be more diligent in the upkeep of my hair in order to keep it healthy.

DL: What do you think is the biggest misconception about people with locs?

Chelsea: Dirty weed smoking Rastas. It all annoys me!!!!

DL: Would you say being loc’d helped you become more in tune with your mind, body, and soul?

Chelsea: NOPE! For me growing locs was just a style choice.

DL:  What would you like to see more regarding the loc’d community?

Chelsea: I would like to see more loc journeys from the beginning. Most of the people on Instagram that are popular have been loc’d for 7 or more years. Short locs and Starter locs need love too!!! LOL!

DL: What is your hair care routine like?

Chelsea: My retwist routine is a full workday. I wash my locs and deep condition them twice then I spray it and seal in the moisture with olive oil and jojoba oil. Afterwards, I oil my scalp (lightly) and retwist all 140+ of my locs. Once I’m done I pass out due to exhaustion.

DL:  What would you advise someone considering locs?

Chelsea: DO NOT COMPARE YOUR HAIR TO OTHER PEOPLE’S. It’s your journey not someone else’s so enjoy it as much as possible.



Dear Locs,

I know I said I wanted to break up (comb them out) but I change my mind. Come back to me. I love you!!!!

(Just to explain my letter… I actually combed one of my locs out about 2 months ago but I couldn’t continue because it took too long and then I realized I actually like my hair loc’d versus loose while looking at some old pictures.)


Connect with Chelsea:

Instagram: instagram.com/chelseaonloc
YouTube: Chelsea On Loc