Loc Journey Files: Crystal’s Loc Journey!

DL: How long have you been loc’d?

Crystal: May of this year will make 10 years that I’ve been loc’d.

DL: Why did you decide to loc your hair?

Crystal: I was always intrigued by the beauty of locs. By the age of 18-19, I knew I wanted some locs of my own.

DL: Do you have a favorite product you like to use on your hair?

Crystal: On the day-to-day, I don’t use products in my hair but I use ORS Lock & Twist gel for my retwist.

DL: How has your loc journey been thus far?

Crystal: My loc journey has been a  beautiful and amazing experience. I feel like the longer my locs get the stronger I become mentally and spiritually.

DL: What do you think is the biggest misconception about people with locs?

Crystal: I believe one of the biggest misconceptions is that locs are dirty and unkempt. When in reality, the hygiene of your locs are determined by the owner.

DL: Would you say being loc’d helped you become more in tune with your mind, body, and soul?

Crystal: My loc journey has been one of the longest personal commitments that I’ve ever had. I’ve become more in tune with and of myself. My locs have helped me enjoy and appreciate the natural state of my existence which includes my mind, body, and soul.

DL: What would you like to see more regarding the loc’d community?

Crystal: I’d like to see more people jump in and take the journey. There are so many people that are interested in joining the loc’d community but are hesitant due to personal reservations and/ or misconceptions. 

DL: What is your hair care routine like?

Crystal: I only put products in my hair when I’m washing, treating, or just a retwist. My  wash and retwist occur about every few months or so. I don’t put products on my hair regularly so my hair stays pretty clean, surprisingly. I noticed earlier in my loc journey that the more I put products in my hair the more build up that would occur. 

DL: What would you advise someone considering locs?

Crystal: I would say just start the journey. If you don’t like them then you can comb them out.

DL: Pretend you’re writing a love letter about your locs. What would you write about them?

Dear Locs,

You’ve been an amazing co-pilot. You’ve been a part of my great and not so great days. You’ve experienced the tears and the cheers. Through grooming and caring for you, I’ve gained an appreciation for my overall natural existence. It’s been an honor to watch you blossom in beauty and length. Thank you for sticking with me. I love you!

Your one and only,


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