Loc Journey Files: Nadia’s Loc Journey

DL: How long have you been loc’d?

Nadia:  On October 15th it would be two years since I’ve been loc’d.

DL: Why did you decide to loc your hair?

Nadia: When my husband and I were boyfriend and girlfriend he asked me to loc my hair. At the time I thought it was too big of a commitment so my response was “I would do it when we got married” thinking he would let it go. He didn’t. We got married sooner than I thought and I had to keep my end of the bargain up. It wasn’t until our third wedding anniversary that I decided to start my journey as a gift to him.

DL: Do you have a favorite product you like to use on your hair?

Nadia:  I don’t have a favorite shampoo and conditioner but my favorite products are 100% unrefined Shea butter by Buena Skin, Healthy Hair Butter by Carols Daughter and Ecostyler gel.

DL: How has your loc journey been thus far?

Nadia: In the beginning, it was extremely frustrating because the hair at the back loc’d way before the front. I used so many different loc products but nothing held the front of my hair. As soon as I washed my hair it would unravel. It wasn’t until about 7 months ago when I started using unrefined Shea butter my hair started holding its twist. After that, my hair simply took on a life of its own.

DL: What do you think is the biggest misconception about people with locs?

Nadia: I think the biggest misconception about people with locs is that they are dirty and unprofessional. I remember when it became obvious that I was locing my hair I had a coworker outright say, “I hate dreads! They’re so nasty looking! My daughter has them and I wish she would cut it off or comb it out”.

DL: Would you say being loc’d helped you become more in tune with your mind, body, and soul?

Nadia:  What I would say is this, since I’ve had locs I’ve taken on a new sense of self-acceptance and self-confidence that I truly didn’t have before. The process has been teaching me to be still and just let things happen in its own time. For a while, I tried to control my hair and it forced me to accept that I just can’t control everything. So I guess my locs have help and are continuing to help me be more in tune with my mind body and soul.

DL: What would you like to see more regarding the loc’d community?

Nadia: Regarding the loc community, I would like to see a little more acceptance in what people refer to their hair as. I grew up in Trinidad where we called locs, dreads, dreadlocks, ras, natty, janks (free formed locs). No one was offended being called either because to us they are all one in the same. However, I’ve seen and heard people get extremely offended when someone referred to their locs as dreads with a response along the lines of “they are not dreads they are locs there’s nothing dreadful about my hair”. It may be a cultural thing, however, I believe that anyone should be able to refer to their hair as they please. If someone like me who uses almost every term in the book to refer to my hair says, “I like your dreads!” Politely, I’d say, “I know you mean no harm but I’d prefer you to refer to my hair as……”

DL: What is your hair care routine like?

Nadia: I take a minimalist approach to my locs. I wash my hair for the most part every 2 weeks. While it’s still wet, I apply my healthy hair butter. Then I use my Shea butter to twist my hair. I haven’t been doing a lot of styling to my hair unless it’s a special occasion and when I do I use Ecostyler gel for my edges. I have a young baby so for the most part I keep it up so that it’s out of his way.

DL: What would you advise someone considering locs?

Nadia: The advice I would give to someone considering locs would be to choose a part pattern that works for you. The size of those parts also determines how thick or how thin your locs are so pay attention to that. *cliche alert* I know you hear it all the time but you have to trust the process!!! I fought with my hair a lot because the frizziness that is often referred to as the ugly stage drove me crazy; however, the frizzies and shrinkage is ALL part of the process. Before you know it you’ll have your longest loc, your shortest loc, your favorite loc, YOUR locs.





Dear Locs,

You came into my life when I was going through an extremely rough time. In the beginning, you served as a distraction from everything as I poured my attention into you. You were a part of an important transformation taking place but I just didn’t know it yet. Before you, I had this image of myself that was no longer in alignment with who I was meant to become. As you shed your curls and became buds I shed layers of myself that no longer served me. As you took shape I saw glimpses of this light, brave, carefree woman emerging.
Having you in my life for the past 2 years I’ve taken more chances on myself than I’ve ever done before. I’ve found myself to be/feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt before. Your many different phases reflected the many different phases of me. Today when I look at you I see something that has gone through the ringer, taken criticism and unwanted opinions and used it as fuel to become what you are now. A beautiful, edgy, strong, free-willed entity that’s ready to face anything and still make the best of it.
I love you for what you are, I love you for what you represent to me but most of all I love you for who you’ve helped me to transform into.



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