Loc Journey Files: Sakhele’s Loc Journey

DL: How long have you been loc’d?

Sakhele: I have been loc’d for 7 years now and I just trimmed them last year January because I wasn’t dying them natural products and I wasn’t properly maintaining them, as a result they became thinner and lost the volume it once had. So, I decided to trim them and well having it short was fun.

DL:  Why did you decide to loc your hair?

Sakhele: Up until high school, I had insecurities regarding my body. I was overweight and it affected my self-esteem and my confidence. Prior to attending Highschool, I decided to change my image by changing what I didn’t like about my body. I started exercising to lose the weight and I decided to loc my hair simply because I wanted a fresh good start. We all know the saying “When you look good, you feel good”.

DL:  Do you have a favorite product you like to use on your hair?

Sakhele: In South Africa, we have a product called hair food. I love using “Black chic treatment” Hair food which is formulated with deeply nourishing oils, conditioners and moisturizers to help repair dry, damaged and brittle hair from the root up, it also contains lanolin to help soften hair. So, I add olive oil and coconut oil to the hair food and apply on my crown daily.

DL: How has your loc journey been thus far?

Sakhele: Thus far after trimming them, my loc journey has been great. I take better care of them and I can see the difference/ improvement in how they look; it’s softer, it’s volume has been restored. I easily get bored so I love its versatility. I can wear my crown sleek and straight or curl it, it just defines my personality.

DL: What do you think is the biggest misconception about people with locs?

Sakhele: When you have locs people stereotypically think that your hair is dirty, messy and quite frankly disgusting.

DL:  Would you say being loc’d helped you become more in tune with your mind, body, and soul?

Sakhele: I would say yes it has in a sense it has made me more grateful to God for blessing me physically. After growing my locs and appreciating it, I started looking at my body in a different light; it isn’t everyone who can appreciate having all their limbs intact or who can use them all so I am grateful that I still can.

DL: What would you like to see more regarding the loc’d community?

Sakhele: I would like to see more models with locs being used for brands and campaigns because there are clearly a lot of us who are beautiful with beautiful locs that do not get the well-deserved exposure.

DL: What is your hair care routine like?

Sakhele: I condition and moisturize my hair daily. I regularly wash it every 2 weeks.

DL:  What would you advise someone considering locs?

Sakhele: Make sure to go to a professional stylist or a person with experience and firstly consult about the thickness you want your locs to be. I would also advise that you go for a thickness that allows you to be versatile with the different ways of styling it.



Dear locs,
Waking up to seeing my reflection with you as my crown gives me the boost of confidence I need to carry out my day. You replenish and nurture my self-esteem just as I nurture and replenish you. You are an addition to my personality and adapt to my mood by your way of being. You know just how much fun we have with your versatility. Thank you for satisfying needs and wants. In a nutshell, YOU ARE AWESOME.


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