Loc Journey Files: Stephanie’s Loc Journey

DL: How long have you been loc’d?

Stephanie: I have been loc’d for 3 months and one week.

DL: Why did you decide to loc your hair?

Stephanie: I’ve wanted dreads since I was a teenager. I was born and raised in Martinique, where people who have dreads are known to be Rastas. I have always been attracted to that culture and their way of living. A week before moving to the states, my mother put sister locks in my hair. My sister, unfortunately, didn’t approve of them and I had to take them down. Four years later and old enough to make my own decision,s I was so ready to get my hair loc’d. I had my appointment scheduled but canceled because my (other) sister who I resemble had just gotten her hair loc’d. She expressed to me her needs of having a different hairstyle from me, kind of like having her own thing. So I patiently waited until the time was right. Nine years later she cut her dreads and I immediately started mine!

DL:  Do you have a favorite product you like to use on your hair?

Stephanie: I am still learning what works for my hair but so far I am loving Royal Keepers Vanilla Oil by Kayli Rayne. Water, coconut oil, olive oil and crushed prénatals miked in a water bottle is my go to when my hair is filling a little dry.

DL:  How has your loc journey been thus far?

Stephanie: My loc journey so far? Welllllllll, I hated the first two months! I mean I was not ready for the “ugly stage”. I wore wigs and added extensions to my hair the majority of the time. A week before I hit the three months mark I saw how much my hair had grown and how it was becoming to look like what I had envisioned. I have been loving on my “baby dreads” and wearing them out ever since.

DL: What do you think is the biggest misconception about people with locs?

Stephanie: The biggest misconception for people with dreads; “dreads are dirty and low maintenance “ Lmao! Yeah, I used to think so too! Until I had dreads! Lol ! I’m currently in nursing school where I have to maintain a professional image, my hair, the hygiene of it and its appearance is constantly being judged, as well. Some days I can get away with rolling out of bed and getting my dreads to cooperate but most days I have to give it some TLC.

DL:  Would you say being loc’d helped you become more in tune with your mind, body, and soul?

Stephanie: Call me crazy but yes! It’s like I automatically became more in tune with myself and understanding that my body works as one, ie, if I’m happy stress-free and healthy maybe my hair will grow out to be healthier, as well. It’s also taught me patience.

DL: What would you like to see more regarding the loc’d community?

Stephanie: I honestly, I think that the loc’d community has grown so much and has become more acceptable compared to what it once was.

DL:  What is your hair care routine like?

Stephanie: My hair routine as of now is by trial and error. I’ve finally learned how to retwist my dreads, and because they have not fully matured yet I only wash once a month. Retwist every two weeks. I’ll style it in an updo, oil every two days and lightly saturate with a water, coconut oil and vitamin every four days. I found that drinking plenty of water helps as well.

DL:  What would you advise someone considering locs?

Stephanie: I would advise them to go for it! Pick a loctician they are comfortable with and communicate the size, and pattern that they want before sitting in the chair. I would also advise them to love the ugly stage and take lots of pictures.


Dear Locs,

I thank you sincerely for all that you have taught me about myself thus far! This journey we are on is FOREVaaaaa! Let’s grow together!


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