Locs! It’s Not Just A Hair Style!

The loc community has one thing in common….the deep connection we have with our hair.


In case you don’t know, locs is NOT just a hairstyle for us. It is a way of life. Locs are symbolic of our strength, personal growth, and our spiritual journey. Our new locs starts off as the beginning of a new path we’re uncertain about but as they grow, we grow to embrace them. They eventually become long and beautiful testimonies of our dedication and patience. Our locs are an extension of US…growth and change.


Would you believe that to this day, some folks still “cringe” when they think of themselves growing locs? Why do you think that is? For me, it could be two reasons that I think fits on both ends of the skepticism spectrum; They’re either conditioned to believe the perception that locs are not visually appealing or they have a difficult time accepting their hair in its natural state.


I remember when I started my locs, a man, a BLACK MAN, told me he liked black women with long and straight hair. It was his way of telling me that locs weren’t good enough for him. I kindly told him when he can let go of the one-sided perception of beauty then we can have another conversation. The point is, we have a right to have preferences, but never is it okay to project your shallow views onto others.

Unfortunately, that man whom I’ve haven’t spoken to in years is just one of a handful in the black community who shares his sentiment. This brings me to share why I created Dear Locs. I wanted to show people like him that locs ARE beautiful because they allow us to love on our natural hair. I wanted to show people like him that we don’t have to rely on chemically straightened hair to feel or be beautiful, and we CERTAINLY don’t have to put chemicals in our hair to appease others with skewed perceptions and/or beliefs about how we should wear our hair.


The loc community as a whole gets me all in the feels. We see strangers in the street with locs and we smile/nod our heads at each other. We’re a part of a special world where we acknowledge and celebrate one another because we’re a part of a society that tells us we’re not enough. We still have a long way to go before locs are 100% socially acceptable. Like I said here, I would love to see the misinformed educated on locs and how they are properly maintained because ignorance is a disease that spreads rampantly.

Locs is NOT JUST a hairstyle…it’s a way of life.