The Biggest Misconceptions About Locs

Before you started your locs, was there ever a time when you considered starting them but changed your mind once you heard of the myths that you believed were true?

I must confess…when I was in my teens and in my 20s, I’ve heard so many myths from others regarding locs, I told myself that I would never get them. Now that I’m older, wiser, and stopped listening to people, I am a proud loc’d woman, whose mission is to break down stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions about the loc community one blog post at a time!

Here, is where folks, particularly non-locers, can educate themselves on locs. Let’s share this post until the wheels fall off because let’s be honest, it could be frustrating to know that people who create these misconceptions try to convince others ( & themselves) about what they don’t know or understand. It’s time to dispel misconceptions and educate the misinformed!

Here are the biggest misconceptions about locs:

Locs are dirty– With proper maintenance, locs can be very clean. Some folks often wonder how we wash our locs, when in fact, we wash them the same way we wash before we loc’d our hair. The goal is not to wash too much because our hair will be stripped of its natural oil and that could cause dryness.

Locs are not versatile– From the starter stage to the mature stage, from sister locs to free form, you can wear your locs in any way, shape, or form you desire. It’s all about being creative and knowing how you want to style them. Go here for ideas.

Locs aren’t attractive: Truth be told, our natural hair, PERIOD, is beautiful hair, so why wouldn’t loc’d hair be? Some of us were conditioned to believe that straight/chemically processed hair is more beautiful. Let’s encourage each other to embrace our hair in its natural state. I don’t knock those who choose to straighten their hair but love your hair enough to realize you and your hair is beautiful without a chemical process.

Locs are unprofessional: If you believe locs are unprofessional, you might as well say growing hair from our scalp is unprofessional. How we choose to wear our hair doesn’t define our work ethic.

People with locs are ghetto or from the “hood”: Although locs are an extension of us, that doesn’t mean locs are “antennas” to people’s physical environment.

People with locs are weed sellers/smokers: To each his own, but all of us don’t have friends name “Mary Jane”. Sorry.


The loc’d community is full of beautiful people and contrary to popular belief, we aren’t weed smokers and criminals. We aren’t ALL Rastafarians and yes…we wash our hair.
Our locs are an extension of US…free-flowing, a symbol of strength, beauty, and new growth. Our locs represent our growth and change. When we accept our hair in its natural state, we accept and love ourselves more.
So you see…Dear Locs isn’t just a blog…It’s a community. It’s also a movement and we’re here to tell you…locs are beautiful….WE are beautiful.