Things NOT To Do With Your Locs!

Some of us are not as fortunate and cannot afford to keep up maintenance with a loctician, so we have to do what we have to do at home. The risk behind that is the potential to damage our locs. The first year of my loc journey, I KNOW I’ve done some things to my locs before I knew better! As a result, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned with you. If you are limited to maintaining your locs at home due to time &/or financial setbacks, this post is for you!


  1. Over-Twisting: You can twist your hair so much that you’ll end up thinning your hair out. Wait at least a month or two to prevent thinning &/or breakage. I personally wait two months. Sometimes 3…sometimes 4. I love the thickness of my roots when my they grow out!
  2. Stop using random products!: Our locs doesn’t need a lot of products and we have to be careful with the products we use. So using the correct products is key in our Loc’ing process. If you’re shopping for appropriate products, we urge you to go with products with natural ingredients.
  3. Don’t use wax based products: Wax based products is a no-no! Especially, beeswax. This is a for sure way of attracting lint and buildup in Locs.
  4. Retwisting your locs dry: When your hair is dry, it is more susceptible to thinning and damaged roots, because it is not as flexible as it is damp. It’s also more uncomfortable to retwist dry hair. Wet hair also holds better with the right twisting gel is applied.
  5. No alcohol-based products: Our locs are like plants that need water to stay healthy. An alcohol-based product will for sure dry our locs. STAY AWAY!
  6. Stay out of the kitchen: Don’t use homemade DIY mixes and ‘treatments’ such as egg, avocado, honey etc; although natural, you never know how well these ‘remedies’ will wash out of your locs. They may do more harm than good. Keep in mind that loose naturals, who use DIY treatments, won’t have an issue with build up as loc’d naturals would.
  7. Love on your locs when they’re loose: If your dreads are tied up, in the same way, every day, this repeatedly causes tension and stress to both the roots and scalp. Long term this may lead to discomfort and in severe cases may even lead to tension alopecia. There are so many ways to wear your dreads, get creative and ask a loctician for some ideas and tutorials!