Dear Locs: We’re Gonna Try This Again!

If you are somewhat familiar with me or have been following me on social media for some time, then you might remember Dear Locs original debut some months ago. Unfortunately, as a highly passionate entrepreneur who didn’t plan accordingly, my first site failed to produce any success.

This time, it’s different!

Dear Locs is back and I am excited to connect with you, my friend, within our newly branded community.

This community was created for us….the loc’d community that is hungry for knowledge on care for our hair.

I’m also excited to announce the developing monthly subscription service that you can actually sign up for now.

The vision I have for Dear Locs is far more approachable as a dream come true than anything else I’ve worked on & it’s my honor to go through this new journey with you.

Thank you for checking out the site & don’t forget to sign up for your free membership before you leave.


See you soon~Lakia