You Can’t Combat Frizzy Locs! Here’s Why…

Many of us ask ourselves the question throughout our loc journey and that’s “How can we prevent frizziness?”. To be honest…frizziness is a natural part of our loc journey, so there really isn’t anything we can do to combat it. As explained here, frizziness begins to form between 6 & 9 months of your loc journey. While there are ways to manipulate your hair to hide frizziness such as an updo, we just can’t stop frizziness from forming.


This is me at my teenage loc phase and they’re full of frizz. As much as I tried, I realized I couldn’t prevent frizziness, so I embraced it.

Remember before we loc’d our hair, we would find loose strands in our combs and brushes? Those strands are what we have inside our locs. Those are our loose hair strands infused together, formed into “a loc”. Therefore, it’s a natural process for frizziness to form because the hairs are sticking out through the loc.

We have to let our hair do what it’s gonna do, but if the frizz really bothers you, there are ways to hide it temporarily or minimize it.

Wear your hair with an updo

Wear a headwrap

Where satin scarf at night


Also, keep in mind that the texture of your hair plays a huge role in your frizziness. If your natural hair is thick and curly, frizziness will form. Your lifestyle also plays a role. If you’re active in working out or in sports, your locs are more susceptible to frizziness due to sweating.

What NOT to do! 

Don’t ever use trimmers to cut away the frizziness. All it will do is cause thinning and eventually breakage.


Watch this video by CurlyNew Growth on how to deal with frizzy locs.