Your Hair is Sacred AF! Here’s Why!

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Don’t get it twisted, beautiful ppl! Our hair is connected to our spirit/energy. It’s partly why we are so attached to our hair since being on our loc journey. why? Because as our hair grows, we grow.

Our hair holds power and our hair is very sacred, and for many reasons, we should be careful of how we treat it. Our hair holds enough power that when we do the “big chop”, we tend to feel lighter spiritually. Why is it when we go through a transformational shift in our lives, many of us decide to cut it all off?! It’s because when we cut our hair, we are cutting away the energy that we no longer carry.


As a spiritual entrepreneur and lightworker, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t suggest spiritual cleansing before cutting it, but I totally get cutting the hair, as well. When I did the big chop in 2014, I felt so liberated and experienced a newness within me that I’ve never experienced before. When I started my locs and watched it grow, I became more aware of my mind, body, and spirit.


How we treat our hair interconnects to our spiritual journey, also. If we treat our hair with pride, we treat ourselves with pride. If we don’t treat our hair like we supposed to, well….



Energy exchange is something to be mindful of, as well. When it comes to sex, we have to be cautious and careful of who we allow in our bodies, because when we’re having intercourse, we are exchanging energies with our partner. The same thing occurs when we let people touch our hair. The transfer of energy is real and shouldn’t be taken likely involving sex or our hair!

The spiritual power of hair is ESPECIALLY apparent within the loc community. As I said here, locs are symbolic of our strength, personal growth, and our spiritual journey. Our new locs starts off as the beginning of a new path we’re uncertain about but as they grow, we grow to embrace them. They eventually become long and beautiful testimonies of our dedication and patience. Our locs are an extension of US…growth and change.